Debunking 3 big myths about Kanban

Yesterday one of my guest post was published on the Kanbanize blog. The post was inspired by some real-life experiences I have had working on agile transformations for various clients but certainly kick-started by an incident on the private level.

At a small birthday party we all had to present ourselves and what we were doing professionally. When it was my turn, I told the other guests that I was writing a book about Kanban. One of the guests being an IT professional said:

“But how can you write a whole book about Kanban – surely this must be a very thin book!”.

That made me think about the many misunderstandings about what Kanban is and the lack of knowledge of what it can do to improve service delivery. It also made me think about the myths that I have had to debunk over and over again during my Kanban training and coaching activities.

I decided to focus on the 3 biggest myths that I have been presented to over the years:

  1. Kanban is just a few columns on a whiteboard where a lot of sticky notes are moving back and forth at random.
  2. Kanban only works in small support teams.
  3. Kanban is not “real Аgile”

You can find my guest post here: Debunking 3 big myths about Kanban and read about why these three myths are…. only myths.


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Agil specialist og realist. Scrum og Kanban træner, agil coach og rådgiver. Foredragsholder og forfatter. Grundlægger og ejer af Xvoto ApS. Agile specialist and realist. Scrum and Kanban trainer, agile coach and advisor. Public speaker and author. Founder and owner of Xvoto ApS
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2 Responses to Debunking 3 big myths about Kanban

  1. akikofindsrabbits says:

    Thank you for this post! You can find even more myths about Kanban debuked here: I’m sure you’ll find it interesting!

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